Significance of Jagannath puri

Akshaya Tritiya At Jagannath Puri

Every year the Ratha Yatra festival is celebrated at Jagannath Puri. The three chariots of Jagannath (Nandhighosha), Baladeva (Taladhvaja) and Subhadra (Darpadalana) are newly constructed every year with the wood of specific trees. The construction of the charitos for Ratha Yatra begins on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Also on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya Supreme Lord appeared as Parasurama, the son of Jamadagni Maharsi and Srimati Renukadevi and Pandavas received Akshaya Patra from Sun God.


Jagannath Lila at battlefield for his devotee King

There was a great devotee king named Purusottama Deva (1467-1497) who ruled over the state of Orissa. The King was supposed to be married to a beautiful princess Padmavati of a kingdom south of Kalinga. It was the time of Ratha-yatra, which was a favorite time of year for the King. The marriage proposal added to his happiness.


The Glories of Jagannath Puri (from Skanda Purana)

Jagannath Puri is also known as Purusottama Kshetra and one who visits Purusottama Kshetra gets the results of traveling to all of the holy tirthas. Glories of this Purusottama Kshetra have been mentioned in various Vedic Scriptures. Following information is taken from a section of Skanda Purana.

Lord Brahma visited Purusottama Kshetra, after being advised by Lord Vishnu. Arriving in Niladri., Jagannath Puri, Brahma saw the beautiful four-armed form of Lord Nila Madhava along with Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune. Lord Brahma also noticed a crow flying. As the crow was thirsty, it dipped into it nearby Rohini-Kunda to quench its thirst. Touching the pure water of the Kunda, the crow immediately transformed into a four-armed spiritual being and departed for the Spiritual World.


Lord Jagannath’s Maha-prasada

Narada Muni once went to Vaikuntha and served Mother Laxmi very attentively. Sri Laxmi was very pleased and requested Narada Muni to ask for any boon. Narada Muni replied, "My dear Mother Laxmi, you must promise that whatever I ask for, you will grant." Laxmi Devi vowed that she would gladly fulfill his desire. The great saint revealed his wish: Narada Muni requested Laxmi devi to give him the maha-prasada remnants of Lord Narayana. 

Suddenly Laxmi Devi's mood changed and her face became clenched with worry. "Please ask me for anything else except for the Lord's prasada,' she begged. " A few days ago the Lord instructed me not to give His prasada to anyone. You must understand that I cannot disobey my husband's order. My dear son, I cannot give you prasada." Narada was very adamant and reminded Devi of her promise. "You are the dear wife of Lord Narayana," Narada Muni said. "You must grant me this boon. Somehow or another you must give me the Lord's maha-prasada." Laxmi was now in great trouble. What to do? She told Narada Muni to wait and that she would look into what could be done to satisfy his desire.


Ekamrakavana Shiva

During a battle King of Kasi was killed by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna threw the head of king of Kasi into the city so that his relatives and family members could see it. The King of Kasi had a son whose name was Sudaksina. After observing his father’s funeral ceremonies, he vowed that since Krishna was his father’s enemy and had killed him, he would kill Krishna, In this way he will fulfil his debt to his father. Therefore, accompanied by learned priests qualified to perform sacrifice, he began to worship Mahadeva Shiva.


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