Ekamrakavana Shiva

During a battle King of Kasi was killed by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna threw the head of king of Kasi into the city so that his relatives and family members could see it. The King of Kasi had a son whose name was Sudaksina. After observing his father’s funeral ceremonies, he vowed that since Krishna was his father’s enemy and had killed him, he would kill Krishna, In this way he will fulfil his debt to his father. Therefore, accompanied by learned priests qualified to perform sacrifice, he began to worship Mahadeva Shiva.



Lord Shiva was pleased with Sudaksina’s worship. Lord Shiva informed Sudaksina to perform a certain ritualistic ceremony for killing one’s enemy. Assisted by the priests, Sudaksina executed a black art of chanting mantras. Out of the fire arose a huge fierce demoniac form. The surface of the earth trembled at his steps. When he entered Dwaraka, the residents panicked. 


To vanquish the demon, Supreme Lord Krishna took His Sudarsana cakra and ordered him to take necessary actions. Then the Sudarsana cakra began to freeze the fiery demon. In this way the fiery demon was checked. He fearful demon went back to Varanasi. According to the Tantras, if a mantra fails to kill the enemy, then, because it must kill someone, it will kill the original chanter. Sudaksina was the originator, and the priests had helped him; therefore they were all burnt to ashes. Sudarsana cakra followed the fiery demon and devastated the entire city by burning down all these important places.


After this Lord Shiva became conscious of taking side of Kasiraja. Then Lord Krishna spoke kindly, “Listen, My dear Shiva, I am giving you a very beautiful place. Live here with all your associates and followers. This place is known as Ekamrakavana (Bhubaneswar – Lingaraja Temple). In this idyllic surrounding, you will appear and be worshipped. This place is in every way captivating as Varanasi. Besides, this place is also extremely elevated spiritually, but few know of this truth.”  

Later, the kings of Keshari dynasty established their capital there, and for many hundreds of years they reigned over the state of Odisha.The presiding deity in Lingaraja temple is the Svayambhu Linga, Hari-Hara linga, which is half Shiva and half Vishnu. He is also named Tribhuvaneshwar the Lord of the three words. The Linga of the Lingaraja temple is an uncarved block of granite. Close to the Lingaraja temple is the temple of Ananta Vasudeva.


Lord Shiva established a Bindu Sarovara Tank as a place of pilgrimage by bringing water from all the holy places. Taking bath here and drinking the water here can cure both material and spiritual diseases. It is Located immediately next to the Lingaraja temple.



Jai Jagannath! Jai Vaisnava nam yatha Shambho !

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