Chandan Yatra takes place in the month of Vaisakha and continues for 21days,starting on Akshaya Tritiya.

It is celebrated at the Narendra Sarovar. Their Lordships Madan-Mohan (deity representing Lord Jagannath) with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi, Balarama-Krishna deities arrive in a grand procession everyday evening to Chandan sarovar (Narendra sarovar). The Pancha Mahadevas(Sri Kapala Mochana Mahadeva, Sri Lokanatha Mahadeva, Nilakantheshvara Mahadeva, Yameshvara Mahadeva and Markandeshvara Mahadeva) also known as "Pancha Pandavas" who are the kshetra palakas of Jagannath puri also arrive at Narendra sarovar. Accompanied by pleasing Kirtans the deities Madana-Mohan, Sridevi and bhudevi enjoy a cooling boat ride. The pancha Mahadevas with Balaram-Krishna are seated in the other boat.

After boat ride the deities have a cool bath in a pond inside the deity chambers of Chandan sarovar. A special offering is prepared for them during their stay. The procession returns back in the late night after alankara (Special decoration) and second boat ride.

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