Educative and Training Programs

To conduct lectures, workshops, etc with the objective of moral rearmament of the society

We know the history of the world and how things have changed since time immemorial. The human civilization has made quick progress in the field of science, education and economic development. On the downside these have introduced widespread dissatisfaction, stress, negative emotions pounding each person and other "discomforts". The modern education has missed to inculcate the core human values into each individual.

There is a better way of leading life! That is the need for the hour!.

We look back into the history of ancient India to see the values that have missed to imbibe. The educative training programs of the Hare Krishna Movement aims at filling up this gap. These well crafted programs are based on the ancient texts of India. The courses promote character and ethical values and help every participant to become more focused, develope interpersonal, cultivate positive value systems and to accelerate personal growth.

Weekend Satsang Programs 

1. Folk Youth Forum

2. Folk Family Forum

Ethics - Personality Development Programs

1. Stress Management

2. Time Management

3. Anger Management

4. Health Management

5. Self Management

National Workshop on Teaching Ethics

A destress capsule and concentration gaining program for

1. Students

2. Working Personnel

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