Snana yatra festival also known Devasnana Purnima is celebrated on the full-moon day in the month of Jyesta. This is the day when Lord Krishna appeared in the form of Jagannatha, he was feeling ecstatic while he was secretly hearing from Mother Rohini about Vrindavan pastimes.

 Early in the morning the deities of Lord Balarama, Mother Subhadra and Lord Jagannatha along with Sudarsana cakra and Madana Mohan are carried in a procession to Snana vedi (platform) located in the Northeast corner of the outer compound near the Anand bazar.

The Deities are bathed in 108 golden water pots filled with cool sandal scented water from the Suna-kua (golden well). This large well which is near the banyan tree was excavated by King Indradyumna upon Lord Jagannatha’s request for snana yatra. This abhiseka is meant to refresh their Lordships from the summer heat. After the sunset their Lordships are dressed in Hati-Vesa (elephant decoration).


After the bathing ceremony (snana-yatra), Lord Jagannatha apparently becomes sick. During this period known as Anasara or anavasara their Lordships cannot be seen by devotees. He is removed to His private apartment, where no one can see Him. At this time three Pata chitra paintings are displayed for devotees to view instead. It is said that with the Ayurvedic medication ('pnachan') administered by the Raj Vaidya the Deities recover. This is called Nava-yauvana. Thus for fifteen days after the bathing ceremony, Lord Jagannatha is not visible to any visitors. Hence people who cannot take darshan of Jagannatha go to Alalanath to have darshan of Lord Jagannatha.

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